In 1983 Broken Hill celebrated its Centenary; it was a huge year in the Silver City and it was also the last time Jack Absalom provided a painting for St Pats.

” A long time between drinks, ” the veteran artist said.

In the ensuing 32 years many artists have been offered the chance to provide the artwork that forms the backdrop for the 3000 posters and 5000 membership brochures that are distributed both locally and nationally to promote Broken Hill’s biggest annual event.

” It is a great thrill to be asked, ” Absalom said.

” I thought they had forgotten about me but it was nice when approached some months ago to once again put brush to canvas for the Race Club. ”

The painting refers to the traditional race day finish in Broken Hill with the varied colours of Jack Absalom bringing to life the excitement of a close race.

” When I agreed to provide the painting I went out to the racecourse and took a series of photos which formed the base for my painting and I hope I managed to capture the surrounds and excitement of St Pats. ”

As one of the famous Brushmen of the Bush along with Pro Hart, Eric Minchin, John Pickup and Hugh Schulz, the former roo shooter and adventurer said the group of artists who rose to fame in the mid 1970’s had always supported Broken Hill.

” Whatever we were asked to do we basically did, ” Jack said.

” Ever since we first started exhibiting overseas from London to Rome and New York we were always mindful of looking after our grassroots and St Pats being such an important event on the Broken Hill calendar we never hesitated in helping out. ”

The gesture not going unnoticed by St Pats Race Club President Margaret Corradini;

” The generosity of all the Brushmen and in particular that of Jack providing the painting for our 2016 race meeting is something we never take for granted. ”

” We have always had a wonderful relationship with all the local artists and to think after 32 years Jack Absalom is back in the saddle for St Pats we couldn’t be happier. ”


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