19 February 2020

Foundation support for St Pat’s

Foundation Broken Hill has approved a $3000 grant to the St Patrick’s Race Club to provide additional comfort for racegoers again this year. The grant will be used to provide free access to a shaded seating area for Broken Hill residents and visitors who are not linked to corporate areas.

Foundation Chair Vince Gauci says the Foundation is keen to support St Pat’s, not only for its colourful 55-year history in Broken Hill, but also specifically for its ongoing positive impact on the local economy.

“Each year the St Pat’s weekend attracts thousands of visitors – both former residents and newcomers. Anything we can do to ensure they enjoy the experience just a little bit more – and want to return next year or promote the event to their friends and family – is a plus for the city,” Mr Gauci said.

 Mr Gauci said the shaded area with relief, temporary, seating was in keeping with the development of the race meeting into more of a family picnic outing than its flamboyant past.

“Gone are the days of prohibited gambling and police raids, but the community picnic race is still colourful. People who travel to Broken Hill for the experience contribute to the city through accommodation and hospitality spending.” This is the third year the Foundation has contributed to St Pat’s, with slight increases each year. Mr Gauci said the Foundation’s decision to support the shaded area also had direct benefit for the Foundation because it provided opportunity – through signage and brochures – to increase awareness about the Foundation and its work.  


For further information contact:

Vince Gauci, Foundation Chair, 0419 641 235

Photograph Foundation Broken Hill shaded area 2019

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