Congratulations to our 2023 winners. Photos by Tim Gimbert Images.

(L-): Ava Turley, Eliza Fraser, Judge Shelley Murray, Elizabeth Paterson, Cali Lehman (front), Sheryl Rowlands, Khodi Lehman (front), Judge Kelly Zanker, Nicole Wenske, MC Angie Wilson, Iman Ghaffari, and Judge Shannen Graham.

Junior Colleen Winner: Cali Lahman

Colleen of the Course Winner: Nicole Wenske

Paddy of the Course Winner: Iman Ghaffari

Most Elegant Lady Winner: Sheryl Rowlands

People’s Choice Award: TBC

Junior Paddy Winner: Khodi Lehman

Miss Teen Winner: Ava Turley

Most Stylish Lady Winner: Elizabeth Paterson

Millinery Award Winner: Eliza Fraser

Thank you to our 2023 judging panel, Shannen Graham of Adelaide, Shelley Murray of Sydney and Kelly Zanker of Broken Hill.

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